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Advertising encourages consumers to buy in quantity rather than in quality. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Advertising plays an increasingly significant role in the competitive business world. Practically all sectors of the modern economy utilize the power of advertising in order to attract, to win or even to preserve the pool of their customers, whilst at the same time trying to keep them away from their competitors. Advertising does emphasize in peoples' minds the reality of choices in goods or services. However, it must be admitted that the impact of advertising is so significant that it encourages the unwary to buy unnecessary things, leads too many people to shop unnecessarily by conveying ideas that sometimes are both misleading and erroneous.
Firstly, the purpose of advertising is to make a single product, no different than any other, seem more attractive. This may lead people to buy products or services they do not actually want or need by using images or ideas that may be attractive but misleading. Advertising has been proved to be a very powerful and relatively cheap tool used to highlight the qualities and features of a specific product, even in potentially dangerous cases like cigarettes, alcohol and other products considered by modern societies as undesirable or even dangerous, such as drugs, and so on. For example, various cigarette companies sponsor many sport events, and use this to promote their products, hoping thereby to increase sales. Thus, more people are encouraged to smoke despite the health risks involved.
Advertising is especially important and useful when a new product is launched on to the market. This needs extensive and constant advertising to penetrate into a market that is already full of similar products. The advertiser tries to create “Brand Awareness”. Another example, which applies particularly in the case of young children, is that of fast food. When a fast food brand launches a new type of potatoes it immediately starts advertising them using TV and all other means available, because it knows that young children will want to go and taste them. The result of this is that the other brands will begin to re-advertise their own potatoes, fearful of a loss of sales. Of course, the fact that fast food is bad for health is not mentioned at all. Instead, the most vulnerable in society, the children, are left to the mercy of the fast food producers, anxious for profit.
Admittedly, advertising has both good and bad aspects. Unfortunately, my experience is that advertising is used mainly in the wrong way, because there are just too many products that nobody needs, but still the manufacturers must sell them.