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摘要: 本文老師分享了2019年雅思高頻詞匯與例句,若是備考時間長的考生,雅思有效詞匯掌握得越多越扎實,肯定會增加獲得雅思高分的可能性。



  abide 遵循(…by);容忍 The one thing she cannot abide is lying.

  abnormal 反常的 abnormal behavior

  abolish 徹底廢除(法律、制度、習俗等)abolish old custom

  abrupt 突然的,意外的 an abrupt departure

  absolute 純粹的,完全的 have absolute trust in sb.

  absorb 吸收,吸進 A sponge absorbs water.

  abstract 抽象的 A flower is beautiful, but beauty itself is abstract.

  absurd 荒謬的,荒唐的 The idea that number 13 brings bad luck is absurd.

  abuse 濫用 abuse one's authority(office)

  accelerate 加速,增速 accelerate one’s steps

  access 接近(或進入)的機會 have regular and immediate access to the President

  accommodate 使適應,使符合一致 accommodate oneself to changed circumstances

  accompany 陪伴,伴隨 She was accompanied to a dinner by her friend.

  accomplish 達到(目的),完成(任務),實現(計劃,諾言等) accomplish one's purpose

  accord 使符合,相一致(with) His violent action doesn't accord with his peaceful words.

  account 記述,敘述 give a brief account of what has happened

  accumulate 積累,積攢,積聚 accumulate wisdom

  accurate 準確的,精確的 an accurate estimate

  accuse 指控,指責 They accused her publicly of stealing their books.

  accustom 使習慣于 accustom oneself to rising (to rise) early

  acquaint 使認識,使了解



  activate 使活動起來,使開始起作用,啟動 They have planted secret agents in many countries who could be activated whenever needed.

  acute 尖銳的,敏銳的 an acute thinker

  adapt (使)適應 adapt oneself to new conditions

  address 演說 a television address

  adhere 黏附,附著 Paste is used to make one surface adhere to another.

  adjacent 臨近的,毗鄰的(to) a city and its adjacent suburbs

  adjoin 貼近,與...毗鄰 His house adjoins the lake.

  administrate 掌管,料理...的事務 In many Japanese homes, the funds are administrated by the wife.

  adolescent (尤指16歲以下的)青少年 a film aimed at adolescents

  advance 使向前移動 advance a chessman

  advantage 有利條件,優點 Sitting Presidents hold built-in advantages when seeking another term.

  adverse 不友好的,敵對的 She felt adverse to her husband's friends.

  advocate 擁護,提倡,主張 advocate self-defense

  aesthetic 美學的,藝術的,審美 an aesthetic theory

  affirm 斷言,申明 affirm the truth of a statement

  aggravate 加重,加劇,惡化 aggravate the declining economy

  aggressive 侵犯的,侵略的 an aggressive weapon

  alarm 驚恐,憂慮 The bandits scattered in alarm.

  alert 警惕的,留神的 In our reading we should always be alert for new usages.

  alien 外國的 adjust to an alien culture

  allege 斷言,宣稱 The newspaper alleges the mayor's guilt.