Topic: Parental Development: Interviewing mom and dad Paper details:

Topic: Parental Development: Interviewing mom and dad


Paper details:

Part 1 Choose from below or create at least 4 or 5 questions that will follow the statement: “WHEN YOU THINK BACK TO THE DAYS/WEEKS/MONTHS AFTER THE BIRTH OF YOUR FIRST CHILD…” 1) How was the behavior of the newborn different from what you had expected? 2) In what ways did having a new baby alter your lifestyle? 3) What coping mechanisms did you use to make a positive adjustment to the addition of the new baby? 4) What was the hardest aspect of having a new child? 5) What advice would you give to a couple expecting their first child? 6) In what ways, if any did you prepare for the birth of your first child? 7) Did you or did your wife (if you are interviewing a man) experience any form of postpartum depression? Keep in mind that the more questions you ask, the easier it will be to complete Part2, but do not use more than 7 questions as this will make the assignment cumbersome. In fact, I would prefer that you ask follow-up questions rather than add more questions. POST your questions to Blackboard. Part 2 Interview either (1) a mom and a dad, (2) a younger mom and an older mom, or (3) an older dad and a younger dad. POST to Blackboard a summary of the responses. Make sure you provide enough information so that you can complete Part 3 which involves comparing and contrasting the answers of the group that you chose. Please include the age and gender of the person you interviewed. Under no circumstances are you to provide any other identifying information about the individual you interviewed. If any identifying information is posted to Blackboard, I will have to remove the posting and you will not receive a grade. Part 3 After you have posted your interview, think about what was said by each parent, critically analyze what you believe are to be differences and similarities in terms of how the questions were answered. Please do not simply repeat what was posted in the transcripts. You will lose points for doing this. Post to Blackboard, no more than a two-paragraph analysis of you believe are the similarities and/or differences between the two individuals you interviewed. For example, based on the responses, what conclusions can you draw about parental expectations, lifestyle changes, parental preparation, and advice given by moms and dads? Is the advice different or the same? Why do you think this is the case? Addition to Grading Rubric In addition to the general grading rubric used for all assignments, I will also look for the following: 1. Was the posting grammatically correct? 2. Did the posting follow a logical progression in terms of the order of the conversation? 3. If necessary, were appropriate follow-up questions asked? (THIS AN IMPORTANT COMPONENT) 4. Did you think about what was learned from the individual about having a child and communicate those thoughts in a coherent manner? In other words, did you critically analyze the information that you learned or did you just repeat what was discussed in the interview?

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