opic: Child Abuse in Foster homes

Research Paper
50 points

A research paper is required for the successful completion of this course. Students will select a category of family or community violence and a specific topic within that category to research in depth. Topics may be selected from any area of violence presented in your class text or one not yet addressed (i.e., elder abuse, gang violence, school bullying).

The research paper will integrate current research from the field of victimology (the victim’s perspective) or from the field of criminology (the perpetrator’s perspective). The paper should include contributing factors (e.g., poverty or brain trauma), a theory that helps to explain or understand this type of violence, and an intervention strategy (as supported by the research). Note – you must be specific. For example – Counseling as an intervention strategy is not sufficient. What type of counseling does research show as successful? Or, What types of conflict resolution skills are we teaching in our schools?

The research paper is intended to synthesize current data. Five (5) resources are required. Students must include the class text, one (1) electronic source (e.g., YouTube video, webpage, or digital news source), and three (3) journal articles published within the last five (5) years.

The research paper must be written in APA format and be approximately 8 pages in length (including the cover page, abstract, and reference page). Papers will be submitted through Turnitin (no hard copies or email attachments will be accepted) before midnight Friday, 3/23.

Papers will be evaluated based upon accuracy and application of scientific data as well as the quality and composition of writing.

The research paper will be graded according to the following rubric:

APA format 10 points
Spelling, grammar, syntax, outline 10 points
Integration of contributing factors 10 points
Integration of theory 10 points
Integration of intervention strategy 10 points

Plagiarism will result in an F in the course and/or further disciplinary action.
Plagiarism includes any of the following:
Verbatim copying without proper acknowledgement
Paraphrasing without proper acknowledgement
Appropriation of someone else’s ideas without proper acknowledgement

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