Karl Marx’s Capital, volume one Glossary

The Glossary This seminar is oriented towards a collaborative scholarly project, namely the production of an original glossary of concepts and categories that are central to Marx’s critique of political economy, as developed in volume one of Capital. A list of possible concepts and categories – such as ‘commodity’, ‘labour-power’ and ‘surplus-value’ – can be found above (in the last paragraph of this description). Glossary Entry Requirements Glossary entries should provide a detailed definition of individual concepts and categories used and developed by Marx in volume one of Capital. They should demonstrate the role that they play in his critique of political economy (as we understand this from reading Capital vol. one). Definitions of many concepts and categories can be found in existing dictionaries, guides and discussions of Marx’s work. The requirement here, however, is to demonstrate the meaning of these terms by drawing on Capital itself, for instance by providing precise references to the pages in which Marx makes particular claims (as well as by making good use of quotations). You should also attempt to show the ways in which particular concepts and categories in Capital are caught up with others. For instance, throughout the course of the semester it will become clear to you that Marx’s notion of ‘surplus-value’ relies on his understanding of ‘labour-power’ which, in order to be properly understood, also requires grasping the distinction he makes between ‘concrete labour’ and ‘abstract labour’. The end of your glossary should include: (1) a list of references to key passages in Capital where the relevant concept or category is discussed, and (2) a list of cross-references to other relevant concepts and categories. Each individual entry should be at least 1 page and less than 4 pages ( the new times roman, size 12, 1.5 space is the standard for pages) Reference should mark the exact chapter, or pages according to Marx, Karl (1990 [1867]) Capital: A Critique of Political Economy, volume one (translated by Ben Fowkes) (Penguin Books) revision comments: you need to reduce the number of entry and increase the words amount of the entry that you decide to focus on Some of them are too short such as “labor” ” machinery”….( and many of them). Please reduce the amount of entry and add the length of those you selected.

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