Tessellation Help Drawing a Tessellation by Hand

Tessellation Help
Drawing a Tessellation by Hand
Tessellation Example and Non-example
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Create a tessellation pattern using the Microsoft® Paint program, GeoGebra, Microsoft® PowerPoint®, other means available to you, or you may draw something by hand.

Use color and shading to create a visually-pleasing tessellation.

Write a minimum 350-word paper that includes the following:

A quoted and cited definition of tessellation.
An explanation of why you chose the tessellated figure
The type of transformation used and why
The actual tessellation or a picture of the created tessellation
Some real-world examples of tessellations that you can find
How you might use real-world examples of tessellations to help elementary-level students understand tessellations
Note: Your tessellation can be drawn electronically (using MS Paint, PowerPoint, or other drawing utilities) or, if you choose to hand-draw your tessellation, you may take a photograph and submit that (as a graphic file or .pdf) or scan it. Either way, you may choose to embed your images within your documents or send them as separate files.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines. Be sure to cite all of your sources, including any online tessellation or drawing utilities that you use.

Read and Review the Tessellation Grading Guide to ensure that you cover all required points for this paper.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Tessellation Help
Drawing a Tessellation by Hand
Tessellation Example and Non-Example
Tessellation Grading Guide
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