Reflective Clinical Questions Assignment

Reflective Clinical Questions Assignment

This assignment will help you connect the theoretical concepts in class to your clinical experiences. The assignment is aligned with unit content and designed to help you reflect on your leadership and management experience.

Course Outcomes
This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.

CO 2: Incorporate leadership theory and skill within the assumed nurse role during healthcare interactions with a client and collaboration with the healthcare providers. (PO 2)

CO 3: Demonstrate ability to integrate communication and professional relationship skills when interfacing with the consumer and the environment. (PO 3)

CO 8: Apply research findings from nursing and related disciplines to enhance knowledge and practice. (PO 8)

Due Date—Week 5
See Course Schedule for specific date. This activity falls under the college’s Late Assignment Policy.
Total Points Possible: 30 Points

Requirements and Guidelines

• After doing the assigned readings and participating in your clinical experiences write a thoughtful response for each question that reflects a synthesis of knowledge, clinical experiences, inquiry, and application of information.
• Remember, when referencing clinical situations, do not use personal or other identifying information relating to persons cared for.
This is a reflection paper in which you are communicating how your clinical experiences have shaped your understanding of classroom lessons; so, it is important that you tie in what you’ve learned in class to your clinical observations and experiences.

Reflection Questions

Recall a situation in your clinical experiences in which an ethical decision was being made. Be sure only to discuss the situation without use of names of organizations, facilities, or persons involved.
a. Which ethical decision-making principles came into play? (Cite Huston & Marquis textbook in your response).
b. Which provision(s) of the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics influenced the decision that was made? (Cite the ANA in your response).

II. After speaking with a staff member or nursing leader in your clinical facility, describe a quality improvement initiative that is occurring (or had occurred) — every facility has one.
a. What events occurred to prompt the initiative?
b. Which Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) domain is addressed through this project? (Cite the AHRQ in your response).

III. Refer to chapter 16 of the Marquis & Huston textbook. Reflect on what you have experienced and observed in your clinical sites and the principles of transition into practice.
a. What do you expect will be the most difficult adjustment in your first nursing role?
b. Describe actions and strategies you can take that will facilitate your adjustment into the workplace.

Assignment Criteria Points Description
Completeness of Responses 10 Write a paper that addresses all 3 questions. All facets of every question must be answered.
Synthesis of Knowledge and Experiences 15 Include the key concepts referenced from the textbook/lecture and the application and analysis of these concepts in the paper. Information must be reflective of synthesis of knowledge and experiences.

Grammar and Punctuation 5 APA used to cite all 3 required references :
Marquis & Huston textbook
American Nurses Association (ANA)
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) sources. Proper grammar and punctuation used.

Total  30 points

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