Discussion and Recommendations/Professional Sociological Associations and Careers for Sociology Majors

PART 1: Discussion: This is a summary of your Findings. The purpose of this section is to highlight the major findings and interpret them. First, restate the overall purpose of the study. Then explain the main finding as related to the overall purpose of the study. Next, summarize other interesting findings.

Recommendations: They are based on the results of the study. What practical steps can be taken to implement the key findings of the research study? How might you address your research questions? Remember, your recommendations must be supported by the findings from the data analysis. Further, you want to include peer-reviewed sources to validate your recommendations.

Within at least a 250-words response, explain what you found about your chosen topic. You want to also include at least two recommendations for addressing the issue(s). *THE TOPIC IS ON TEEN PREGNANCY*

PART 2: You will review and report on the American Sociological Association, another professional association, and a sociology-related career. In terms of the association and career, it is more interesting if you each choose a different association and career, so please note which associations and careers have already been reported on before submitting your post.

Within at least a 250-word response,

you want to share what you learned about both Associations.


1. Choose and identify one of the sociology-related careers below.

2. Utilizing the most current government data available, determine and describe the distribution for your occupation based on at least one socio-demographic characteristic (e.g.. age, race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, SES). In order to do this, you will need to access the Statistical Abstract of the United States
What proportion of the occupation is women? Men?

3. For your chosen occupation, determine the difference in median weekly earnings between people based on your previously chosen socio-demographic characteristic (i.e. women and men who are full-time wage and salary workers.)

4. Summarize the job responsibilities and career outlook for your chosen occupation. Is this in line with what you expected to find? Why, why not? How will this fit into your current life and experience?

List of Occupations:

1. Politics (Campaigns and Elections and Interest Groups)
2. Public Administration
3. Social Services
4. Community Organizing
5. General Business
6. Corrections
7. Colleges and Universities
8. Secondary Schools
9. Health Services
10. Publishing
11. Journalism
12. Advertising and Public Relations

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