Discuss the pros and cons of the “back-room” deals and “hardball” politics that

Discuss the pros and cons of the “back-room” deals and “hardball” politics that got the Affordable Care health care bill passed. Be sure to include evidence to support your discussion.

Frontline, “Obama’s Deal; Inside the backroom deals and hardball politics that got Obama his health care bill”, April, 2010. (56 minutes) Video

This film will serve as reference for this discussion board forum. It is a history of the health care reform bill in the USA and an example of how health policy is made. Note the lucid explanation of the behind-the-scene agreements between the policy makers and the stakeholders
I have posted a brief article regarding the impact of heath reform on patient outcomes as it relates to increased access to preventive care services such as Colonoscopies .

.2) Watch the “Obama Deal” video before our BB Collaborate session. Be prepared to discuss your analysis of President Obama’s negotiations with powerful lobbyists and members of Congress and the importance of political compromise in shaping major legislation.

Must be APA style, 1 page and 1 reference. Please no Plagiarism

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