United States government’s war against the Plains Indian peoples during the later-half of the 19th century.

This video recounts compelling episodes from the United States government’s war against the Plains Indian peoples during the later-half of the 19thcentury.  The events depicted are historically accurate yet occasionally morally and/or emotionally disturbing.  As such, they tend to elicit a variety of reactions and opinions.  For your online threaded discussion, address the following issues in your opening statement/initial answer:
(1) In your opinion, what led to the harsh treatment afforded the Plains Indian peoples?  Was it simply a matter of competition over land and resources or were there other factors at work here?  Use examples/episodes from the video to support your conclusions.
(2) How do you feel we as modern Americans should assess the resistance of the Plains Indian peoples?  Should their efforts to remain free be seen as the desperate actions of a people doomed to defeat or do they tell us something more about the human character?  Again, use a few examples from the video to support your conclusions.
(3) Lastly, keep in mind that the material presented in this film is but a small sampling of the treatment of native peoples by the U.S. government and its citizens throughout history.  That said, what do you believe we as modern Americans can do to heal the wounds of our past (with regards to Indian peoples)?  Should some form of restitution be offered to the native communities? If so, what can be offered and/or how?  Or are such measures a waste of time and money?  Reality has proven that history is not always kind and there are abundant examples of the mistreatment of one group of people or another in American history, so why should native peoples merit special consideration or attention?
There are no definitive answers to these questions/topics.  In this OTD  you will give your opinion and reactions to the questions and topics provided.  This assignment is an exercise in critical thinking.  Your grade will be based upon the sophistication of your opinions, the logic of your conclusions (based on the examples utilized to support your arguments), and thorough completion of the assignment.

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