Question 1 You’re the new travel agent for Travel Agency.

Activities: (10 points each)
Question 1
You’re the new travel agent for Travel Agency. Your boss asks you to research hotel’s
cancellation policy in Hawaii. Please list cancellation policy for three different hotels in Hilo
Hawaii or Kona Hawaii and includes the website links for each one.
Question 2
The General Manager, Ms. Sheila Lawrence, at Holiday Inn requested you to write a memo
to the Front office staff stating when is it necessary to have a search warrant to enter a
guestroom. Write your answer in memo form and include your name and your job title as
Assistant Front Office Manager.
Question 3
Mr. Don Kim of Sony Open booked 20 rooms at your hotel for check-in March 15 and checkout
on March 18. On March 11, Japan was hit with an earthquake. Due to the severe impact
to Japan, the group decided they would not be travelling for a while. As the legal counsel for
Mr. Kim, what would you advise him to do?
Question 4
You’re the marketing manager for the Hilo Volcano Resort. The general manager asks you
to explain the state discrimination laws regarding restrictions on hotel advertising.
10 points each (All answers must be written in paragraph format
1) Federal law prohibits discrimination on the basic of race, religion, color, or national
origin; some states prohibit other forms of discrimination. What are two other forms for
discrimination prohibited under state statues?
2) What are some of the matters, which should be covered by a convention contract?
3) Why is it important for the hotel to make certain that the convention or group has
adequate insurance coverage?
4) For what purpose does a hotel retain the right of access to a guest’s room?
5) Why is it difficult to distinguish between a guest and a tenant?
6) What rights does the hotel have to evict a non-guest or visitors of a guest?

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