Winning the Lottery and how it can go wrong

Horse Jumping
Step 1
⦁ What thought do you want people to have? Horse Jumping is a sport which is fun and challenging.
⦁ What emotions do you want people to have?
Enjoy with horse jumping competition.
⦁ What conversations do you want people to have?
It does not dangerous as so many people think if we have well prepared.
Step 2 Decide: What picture will create these thoughts, emotions & conversations?
Walk Course
familiarize with competition place
horse’s condition checking and briefing by coach
moving forward over the fence keeping two hearts in my hands and fly together.
reward at the end
prize giving
happy moment with our team and coach
having new friends after competition
Step 3 Plan your composition – layout, order, design, graphic, etc. Step 4 Add Text! Description, context, explanation, captions, story to help viewers understand message Step 5 Presentation – How to best reach my audience? Blog, social media, video, display board?

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