about how retail companies utilize Omni channel distribution to support their business strategy

MGMT 5330 – Inventory Planning and Control term paper
Term paper: 8- 10-page paper (double spaced 12 point Times New Roman) about how retail companies utilize Omni channel distribution to support their business strategy.
Omni-channel: Intersection where e-commerce, marketing, information technology, retail and wholesale channels blend together to provide the customer a seamless shopping/distribution experience. This suggest that firms must ship from anywhere (store, next closest store, distribution center, or vendor), enable customers to pick-up online orders at the closest retail location, accept returns anywhere, have complete visibility of inventory movement all while minimizing costs for the customer.
Most definitions of Omni-channel marketing and distribution are incomplete since the concept is so new. Your job is to learn about these topics and pick a company or concept that is affected by Omni-channel. There are lots of companies struggling to figure these concepts out.
Topic due by end of the day Feb. 4th via email.
By Feb 18, I would like to see a 1-2 page introduction.
The final paper is due April 16th.

Plagiarism includes the copying of language, structure or ideas of another and attributing the work to your own original efforts. All written work will be turned in via Blackboard’s Turn-It-In folders to check for plagiarism. Plagiarism includes:
Turning in someone else’s work as your own;
Changing the words of an original source but using the ideas;
Copying words or ideas from someone else without giving credit;
Failing to put a quotation in quotation marks;
Giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation; and
Copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or not.

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