Mini-Project 2 Instructions Advertising Design Design your advertising campaign

Mini-Project 2 Instructions
Advertising Design

Design your advertising campaign to reach your target market. Including the following sections:

Identify 3 Advertising Goals
Pages 139–140 of Clow and Baack discuss marketing objectives or “advertising goals” in the IMC process. Your ad design will correspond to these goals. Do not confuse the organizational goals (such as healthy meals) with your advertising goals (informing target audience of healthy meals).

Identify the Message Theme
Benefits of brand/product
Unique selling proposition (USP)
Discussed on page 144–145, the message theme targets consumers with the key ideas or themes your advertising campaign hopes to convey. Using emotional or rational appeals, the theme includes the benefits of the brand or product and the unique selling proposition.

Identify and Explain the Message Strategy
Discussed by Clow and Baack on pages 156–161, Message Strategy is how you deliver the message theme, including cognitive, affective, or conative.

Identify and Explain the Advertising Appeals
Discussed by Clow and Baack on pages 161–171, select the type of appeals you will use in your advertisements.

Identify and Explain the Executional Framework
Discussed on Clow and Baack on pages 171–175, the executional framework is the way your appeals will be presented. Choose one or more executional frameworks.

Write in complete sentences and edit for grammar. All work must be in current APA format, including title page, headers, in-text citations, and references. Plagiarism occurs when you use the words or ideas of others without citing the source. Double-space your work, using 1” margins and 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

Submit Mini-Project 2 by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 3.

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