Imagine you are a member of a team that has been tasked with finding a new market overseas for an Australian product.

Assessment Brief
Students are required to be in teams of three or four (no more than four). Imagine you are a member of a team that has been tasked with finding a new market overseas for an Australian product.

Each team must choose one of the following products:

Arnott’s Tim Tam
Bundaberg Rum
Uncle Toby’s Oats
Ugg Boots
Each team needs to culturally evaluate three to four countries depending on the size of their team (i.e. three members = three countries, four members = four countries). After completing their evaluation of the countries, the team needs to recommend the country they wish to enter to market the Australian product. The most important aspect of this assessment is to examine whether the Australian product will fit into the culture of the selected country.

Please make use of Geert Hofstede’s work to assist you in your analysis. The following website should prove useful in helping you arrive at a decision:

Each team member should focus on one country.

It is recommended that one member from each group assumes a leadership role and works collaboratively with the rest of the team members in setting priorities, deadlines and expectations regarding the assignment.

All team members are responsible for the overall quality and consistency of the work, and for the integration between the countries.

On the first page of your assessment, complete the table in the Team Activity template that indicates all team members’ names and student IDs and the section number written by each.

In line with the AIB Style Guide, the assessment needs to be written in the report format. Therefore, make sure to write a brief introduction (around 400 words), and write a brief conclusion which summarises key insights (around 200 words). Again, you need to work together to write these two sections coherently.

For assistance and guidance in working collaboratively, please refer to the material on teamwork in the AIB Assessment Guides.

Remember to use at least six (6) credible references such as textbooks, journal articles, industry reports, and company websites.

The total required word length for this assessment is 2000 words (plus or minus 10%) for a team of four students, and 1500 words (plus or minus 10%) for a team of three students.

Refer to your subject outline for more details about this assessment.

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