“The Effects of Asthma in the Mississippi Delta”

A journal quality paper is expected from this graduate-level class. This paper must contain an original and meaningful primary data or secondary raw data. Such data, depending upon its nature, should be analyzed using SAS or other analytical software for descriptive statistics and/or inferential statistics with adequate methodologies, such as T-test, ANOVA, or regression analysis, quantitative risk assessment, Baye’s Theorem, etc. The results should be compiled in organized tables, graphs and narrative details. Results should be discussed for their implications against the current body of knowledge, followed by conclusions and current references. It should also have an abstract of 250 words written succinctly to describe the entire paper. For the written report APA format should be followed using adequate line space, margins, etc. If you have any publication journal in mind, it’s better to follow their guidelines, instead.

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