Design for Manufacturing Objective:

Design for Manufacturing
Understand the functional requirements of a designed product as well as the features of
manufactured components within a system. Identifying the products functional requirements,
with the goal of identify issues with the given design from a quality, cost, manufacturing and
assembly perspective.
Description of the Assignment:
Pre-activity: Either within a team or individually, assemble and demonstrate a motorized kit
designed to launch paper airplanes. During the process, collect observations from a DFMA
perspective. Save all contents for further activities.
Post Demonstration activity: Create the following documentation. You may discuss topics 1-4
with other members of the class.
1. Create an assembly (manufacturing) routing with estimated time for each step. Calculate
total assembly time. (A routing is like a step by step set of instructions in a
manufacturing process)
2. A full and “costed” bill of materials (BOM). Use your best estimate. Include all material.
3. Identification of the dedicated capital tool (including a cost estimate) required to
manufacture the base plate. Assume the tooling for the other components is already
available. In other words, identify the manufacturing process and the support tool
required to produce the component.
4. Identify and explain six functional requirements of design features in the system design.
Individual Work and Report Requirements:
Write a technical report containing the following sections (cite any sources):
1. Title page
2. Report Introduction – setting up what the reader should expect to read in the report
3. Problem Identification – discuss the engineering aspects of the report
4. Includes items 1 through 4 from the group exercise.
5. Analyze and establish three quality requirements of the system focused on function.
6. Discuss and justify the material selected for the (base plate) component.
7. Discuss and justify a specific alternative material selection if only 10 total models were
8. Discuss the design from an assembly perspective and identify issues experienced or
perceived during the assembly.
9. Discuss the design from a component manufacturing, and functional perspective, and
identify issues experienced or perceived.

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