Community Health Action Plan

Search the library and the Internet for peer-reviewed articles or information on professional Web sites about developing collaborative community health care outreach. You will need at least 4 resources to support your work on this assessment.
Develop an evidence-based community health action plan, from a nursing perspective. Specifically, you must complete the following:
Describe methods for promoting the use of the health care delivery services. In other words, how will you let the community know that health care services are available locally, along with the types of services provided?
Explain culturally sensitive evidence-based strategies for working with this diverse community. (Hint: Consider things such as age, traditional medicine, socioeconomic status, attitude, and so on.)
Explain potential barriers to health and wellness for the community population.
Recommend communication strategies and techniques for the interdisciplinary teams that will be working to improve population health and reduce barriers to preventative health care and disease maintenance. Consider things such as frequency (daily? weekly? as needed?) and method (electronic? paper? face-to-face?)
Format this assessment following current APA style and formatting guidelines, paying close attention to headings and subheadings, paragraph structure, proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Additional Requirements
Include a title page and reference page.
Ensure your assessment is 3–4 pages.
Use double-spaced, 12-pt., Times New Roman font.

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