Christian Apologetics Questions for Spring 2018

Christian Apologetics Questions for Spring 2018

Students should choose one of the questions listed below:
‘Apologetics is more than winning an intellectual argument.’ Discuss

Richard Dawkins believes that religion is ‘evil’ and that Christianity is for children. What are your views on Dawkins and what arguments would you use to challenge him?

‘The best form of Christian apologetics is a judicious mixture of reason and evangelism.’ Discuss.

‘“New atheism” is not that new, but Christians should be aware of the main underlying philosophies and arguments used by atheists to undermine theism and the religious worldview.’ Discuss.

How are contemporary Christian apologists seeking to serve the church and a public skeptical of religious narratives in explaining the origins and meaning of life?

Critically evaluate the contribution of two Christian apologists.

‘If all truth is God’s truth, there is no real conflict between religion and science but rather a question of methods and boundaries.’ Discuss with reference to Sir Karl Popper’s or Stephen Cox’s views on the role of science.

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