What is a hero

Create your own definition of the word hero based on your personal experences research and the module readings or paper 2, follow the directions in the syllabus and use question 4, on page 181 of the reader for the guidelines to paper #2. (NOTE: if you have the 5th edition, this information is on page 275, activity question 5.) This paper should be around 750 to 1000 words. You are being asked here to define a hero and what it means to you, and how we use the term in our society, but you are also being asked to use at least 2 to 3 works from the week 3 readings to develop your viewpoint as well (suggested readings are “Bodega Dreams, “Crazy Courage,” and “The Train from Hate,” but you can use any of the readings (see below) from the syllabus or week 3 course module.. Remember, you all are writing an ESSAY, so the paper should have a strong introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion and a works cited in MLA format.

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