Shadow quest

Shadow Quest


For this step, choose a developmental psychology topic and age population to study. Search through the book to find which general chapter/topic is most interesting to you. Examples include: physical development, sensation and perception, cognition, language, gender, family relationships, etc. Think about your own career aspirations when choosing your topic.

Then think about which period of the life span or which age range you want to focus on. Think about the prenatal period, infancy, preschool period, middle childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, middle adulthood, and late adulthood. Again, think about your own career aspirations when choosing your life span period. (Keep in mind that you will need to shadow someone in an organization whose work relates to the topic you choose.)

Answer the three prompts below.
Your answers do not need to be longer than a few sentences.
Type directly into this document.

The topic I chose was _____, because _____.

The life span period(s) I chose to study was/were ______, because ______.

How do your choices tie in with your career aspirations?


For this step, you’ll need to find an organization in your city that addresses your topic and lifespan period. Find someone within the organization who would be willing to let you shadow him or her. (You may need to work on building this relationship before this is possible!) Before you shadow, gather information about the work of the organization through discussion/interview.

Answer the questions below.
Your answers do not need to be longer than a few sentences.
Type directly into this document.

What is the name of the organization or business?

What is the name and job title of the person you will be shadowing?

How did that person get involved in their current work?

What is the philosophy of their organization in regards to the issue that interests you? In other words, what do they believe is the best way to address the issue?

How do they actually address the issue that interests you? Be specific.

What kind of data do they collect in their work? Do they rely on other types of data?

What do they think are the greatest successes they have experienced in achieving their goals and vision?

What do they think is the greatest challenge they face in achieving their goals and vision? (If the answer is related to money or funding, ask them what the second greatest challenge is.)

What do they think that members of the community can do to help them achieve their goal and vision?

10. What advice do they have to offer about their type of work?


For this step, go out and shadow the person you interviewed. As you shadow, take notes to address the following prompts. READ THE PROMPTS CAREFULLY.

Answer the prompts below.
Your answers can be in bullet form.
Please be thorough.
Type directly into this document.

Date(s) of shadowing

Observations about behaviors of the person you shadowed. Be careful not to describe your interpretations, conclusions, or judgments. Describe behaviors that you see or hear. What does the person SAY and DO? Remember that descriptors (nice, organized, powerful, gentle, patient, etc.) are not behaviors. Describe the actual behaviors that others could also observe objectively.

Observations about behaviors of the people in your target population. Think of the clients, students, patients, etc. of the person you shadowed. What did they SAY and DO? Think about behaviors related to your topic. Were there behaviors that you observed that were related to other topics in developmental psych also? Talk about those also. Make sure you are describing concrete behaviors (words and actions), not feelings, interpretations, and judgments.


For this step, reflect on the following questions. Read the prompts carefully and make sure you cite page numbers when asked.

Answer the prompts below in paragraph format.
Type directly into this document.

How did your observations relate to course material? Now is the time to take the behaviors you observed and interpret them in light of what you have learned this semester. You must describe at least 3 ways in which your observations related to course material to complete this step. (Think about the textbook and lecture, and be specific. Cite page numbers when referencing the textbook.)

Could you imagine yourself doing what the person you shadowed did? What would be easy for you? What would be challenging?

How did your experience influence your own aspirations in life and career?

What else can you share about this experience?

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