You have now studied TWO revolutions and ONE war.

You have now studied TWO revolutions and ONE war. Is the above quote effective in discerning the difference between the two? Which is more effective? Do they accomplish the same purpose? Which revolution/war was the most effective in achieving the overall goal?
Write a 2-3 page position paper on war/revolution using the notes from class to assist you. Make sure you have an effective topic sentence, thesis statement, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion. Within each body paragraph have at least 2 supporting details with 2 examples each.
20-2 – minimum 2 pages
20-1 – minimum 3 pages

Example thesis topics:
Revolutions are the only effective tool to ensure democratic and positive change for the people.
Wars are primarily for the purpose of annexing land – revolutions for annexing minds.
Revolutions are necessary to “circle the wagons” and achieve determined common purposes.
The difference between a war and a revolution is defined by its overall goal – people versus land.

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