fredrick jackson turner

The frontier is defined as the borderline between the wilderness and the town “that part of a country facing another country or an unsettled region.” According to historian Fredrick Jackson Turner, whose famous 1893 thesis announced the close of the frontier, the frontier is “the meeting between savagery and civilization” (Turner also believed that the frontier experience was central to American character, both collective and individual). For your essay, read the accompanying text and consider how the frontier has figured into American literature. Begin the essay by defining the frontier in your own terms. You might consider whether one should regard the frontier as a strict line of separation, a zone, a physical space, a psychological phenomenon within the self, a social divide, a complete fiction, or something else. How penetrable is it—can one cross over the boundary of the frontier; if so, what happens? You should try to write approximately 300 words in blue or black ink only

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