Assessment Task No 2A & 2B (Group Case Study Analysis and Group presentation) Task 2A: Presentation Cases:

Assessment Task No 2A & 2B (Group Case Study Analysis and Group presentation)
Task 2A: Presentation Cases:
Date Due: Week 9 17th January 2018 (Wednesday in Class)
Weight: 10% – Presentation

Before you proceed you may wish to refer to your prescribed textbook in the deliberately and carelessly causing harm chapter. (Note you cannot change group for the presentation and Report) (Each student will be assessed individually during presentation) Please choose any one case below for your presentation and make your presentations (Follow the format for the Presentation provided below)
Donoghue V Stevenson (1932) AC 562
Bourhill V Young (1943) AC 92
Chapman v Hearse (1961) 106 CLR 12
Woods v Multi-Sport Holdings Pty Ltd (2002) 208 CLR 460
Apply the format set out below to assist you in setting out an answer to the problem questions for your presentation
Prepare a presentation using the following format (15 mins presentation) (use Microsoft Power point Application to prepare your presentation)
1. ISSUE: Identify the main legal issue. (Perhaps 2 slides at most)
2. LAW: Briefly set out the relevant legal principle/s from either case law and/or legislation. (4 slides at most)
3. APPLICATION and Conclusion: Apply the law to the facts given in the question and state your conclusion or give your advice. (4 slides at Most)

Task 2B: Group Case study Analysis:

Assessment of the assignment is based on the adequacy and accuracy of the submitted assignment.

For all written work students must ensure that they submit their own original work. Any act of plagiarism will be severely penalised.
Plagiarism is presenting someone else work as your own and is a serious offence with serious consequences. Students who are caught plagiarising will, for a first offence, be given a zero mark for that task. A second offence will result in a failing grade for the course(s) involved and any subsequent offence will be referred to the Student Discipline Committee.
Students must:
fully reference the source(s) of all material, even if you have re-expressed the ideas, facts or descriptions;
acknowledge all direct quotations; and
Not submit work that has been researched and written by another person.

There should be an overview of the assessment task and expectations of students to successfully complete the task. Groups will consist of not more than three (3) students and all students must contribute equally to the report. It should include the following:
Length: 1500 words
Date Due: Group Report Due Week 10 28th Friday January 2018
Weight: 20% – Group Report


While touring Australia on a motorbike, James Adams buys a ‘Get you to garage’ emergency tyre repair kit from a shop run by a sole proprietor in Victoria. The kit, which was imported from Taiwan by Lifeline Pty Ltd, includes a prominent warning: ‘The manufacturer, importer and retailer of this product are not liable for any loss or damage’.
One month later, James uses the kit to repair a puncture. As he is riding to the nearest garage, the repaired tyre blows out. He crashes and suffers severe injuries, including losing his right arm. James, who doesn’t have any insurance, now knows the kit was not suitable for motorbikes. What rights does he have under the ACL and the CCA? (Do not consider James’s rights under negligence law)
In this scenario you should address these questions in order to provide advice to James
Provide brief answers to the following questions
Question 1 Is there manufacturer’s liability? (500 words)
Question 2 Explain James’s rights in the event of the retailer’s failure to comply with Consumer Guarantee in Australia? (500 words)
Question 3 Explain what compensation James might be entitled to? (500 words)
Note: please ensure that you address the relevant Case Studies (precedents) and Statutory Provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

Your report should be in the following format:

Typed on A4 paper using Arial 11 point font and 1.5 spacing;
Sequential page numbering;
Title page with Student Name/Student Number and Subject Code/Subject Name;
Accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation, paragraph construction and proofreading;
Effective use of headings;
Consistent and accurate acknowledgment of textbooks, legislation and case studies using APA reference style;
Criteria used to grade this task
See Separate Marking Guide for detailed marking criteria and allocation
Submission Details
Submissions must be online via the TURNITIN LINK on the LMS
Feedback and Return of Work
Feedback and marks will be provided via the LMS within two weeks of submission

Note: You can neither submit this presentation nor the report as an induvial without prior consultation from the Lecturer. Any disputes among the group should be brought to the lecturer notice immediately though mail not a week before submission.

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