The Effects of Psychotropic Medication

The Effects of Psychotropic Medication

Can you consider one of your clients who is currently taking a psychotropic medication (or more than one)? If you do not already know what the medication is can you make up a medication, its dosage, and how long the client has been taking it, and what your client’s thoughts may be about taking the medication? Can you provide a brief description of the client (demographics, presenting issues/symptoms)? This can be a hypothetical client. In addition, can you consider the following points:

What were your client’s symptoms before he or she started taking the medication?

What changes has he or she noticed since beginning the medication? This would include both a lessening of symptoms and/or any side effects.

Has he or she had any difficulty taking the medication as prescribed?

Next research this medication using your text, suggested readings, or other resources you may find. Answer the following questions:

What are the indications and contraindications for taking this medication?

What are the common side effects?

What are the consequences of abruptly stopping the medication once a person has been taking it?

Be sure to consider all of the points outlined above. In addition, add a section at the beginning to briefly describe your client (omitting all identifying information) and a section at the end outlining how you would address medication with this client.

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