communication translation essay

One of the main objectives of this course is to develop and enhance your skills of reading empirical articles and then translating them for the public. In this paper, you will serve as the translator
between the academic world and the “real” world. For this assignment, you are required to provide an overview of a full-length, empirical (data-driven) social scientific study in the journal Communication Studies, a journal of the Central States Communication Association. You will be required to summarize a journal article for a popular press research website such as NPR, Huffpost, or Science of Relationships.

You will be writing your article summary in the form of an online news article. Be sure to explain
the purpose of the study, method of study and sample, main findings, and discussion of implications of the findings. Do not use jargon from the article (speak in clear, logical, easy-to-understand language). Do not use direct quotes at all.
For your paper, provide the following:
A. Title of article and intended news outlet. Create a title that will draw in readers and then state the
target news source for your article. – 5 pts
B. General purpose and findings of the study. Draw the readers in! Why did the researchers conduct
the study and what were their interesting findings? This should be achieved in a few sentences and
catch the readers’ attention. [1 paragraph.] – 10 pts
C. Rationale for the study. Briefly summarize the reasoning behind the hypotheses and research
questions. You can’t include everything… just give the highlights. [1-3 paragraphs.] – 10 pts
D. Methods. What methods were used? Even though you have not yet learned the specifics about
methods, tell the reader what process the researchers used to collect their data. [2-3 sentences.] – 5 pts
E. Results and Real-World Implications. What did the authors find? No need to go into great detail
here, simply report, in your own words, what the major conclusions were. Then explain what these
findings “mean,” why they are important to your audience and what they tell us about communication. This is the most important part! [1 page] – 15 pts

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