public safety vs indivual rights

From a Constitutional standpoint, our federal drug use polices (including Drinking/Drugging & Driving) are based on the tense balance between maintaining public safety while at the same time recognizing individual rights.

Do you feel that current federal law does an adequate job of balancing public safety and individual rights? If not, what changes would you recommend changing?

Please write a concise response (200-400 words) to the question above.

part two on another piece of paper

You just read about the American effort to eliminate the availability of alcohol during the 1920s and 1930s and the re-legalization of alcohol production, transportation and sales that followed.


Here is your Assignment

Please answer each of the following 2 questions (one paragraph for each).

1) Research Inquiry: Based on the U.S. Constitution, does the federal government or do the states hold the ultimate power when it comes to deciding whether cannabis use should be legal within a state’s borders? (There IS a correct response to this question).

2) Do you agree or disagree with what you found in regards to which entity (the federal government or our state government) holds the ultimate power in regards to this issue?

You may wish to research the topic using materials beyond those presented within this course.

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