Criminal Justice Organization and Management

Topic: final paper will describe an organizational innovation or change and steps you
would recommend for implementing this innovation or change in a criminal justice agency. You
can choose any innovation you want. It could be, for example, a new strategy, a new policy, or a
new technology (or something else). You can also focus on any type of criminal justice agency
(e.g. police, corrections, courts).
You should begin the paper by clearly describing the innovation/change you are proposing and
briefly describing what we know from research about the effectiveness of this innovation or
The bulk of your paper should focus on how you would implement this innovation/change in a
criminal justice organization. Your paper should draw upon multiple areas we have discussed in
class. Some potential areas to focus on are below. You are not expected to include all of these
areas. Your paper should include consideration of at least three of the bulleted areas listed below
(or other areas if you choose to consider alternative components of organizations) and no more
than five areas. Do not focus your entire paper on just one or two areas.
Potential areas to consider: (feel free to include other areas that are relevant to your change)
 Organizational structure- what structural changes might be needed for this
innovation/change to be implemented successfully?
 Organizational theory- what theoretical approaches can help guide the implementation of
this innovation/change?
 Organizational deviance- how can you prevent organizational breakdown from occurring
in the implementation of this innovation/change
 Organizational socialization- what training might be needed for this innovation/change?
How will this innovation/change affect or be affected by organizational culture?
 Leadership- how will leadership be helpful in facilitating implementation of this
innovation/change? What level(s) of leadership will be important?
 Power- how will lower-level workers or clients be brought on board for this
innovation/change? How will unions be involved in implementation?
 Organizational change- what theories of change will be useful in driving implementation
of this innovation/change? Will collaboration with other agencies be useful?

Requirements: Papers should be 8-10 pages in length (excluding references and title page)
double-spaced with one inch margins on each side and using 12 point Times New Roman font.
Papers must include a reference list and use APA format for references and citations. (Visit for information on APA format for in-text
citations and for information on APA
format for references). The paper must include at least six outside references (i.e. sources not
read for class) from books, scholarly articles, or government documents. Do not use Wikipedia
as a source! You can use newspaper articles or other media reports but these do not count
towards the six required outside references.

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