Commemorative Speech Assignment

Commemorative Speech Assignment
You are asked to prepare and deliver a commemorative/special occasion speech. You may select from
any of the types outlined in Chapter 18 on Speaking on Special Occasions inn your text book. The speech
should be between two and four (2 and 4) minutes in length. You should have a reference page containing
at least two (2) sources, both of which need to be mentioned in the speech for a score of good. If you want
a score of excellent you need to have 2 more sources and mention them in the speech. (Note, only one of
your sources can come from a dictionary or encyclopedia). You may use your outline or note cards to
deliver this speech. Once again your video should show your audience both before and after the speech,
and you should answer at least 3 questions from your audience. All of this should be shown on the speech
video, uploaded to the link in Blackboard.
1. The speech must be between two and four (2 and 4) minutes in length. Anything longer or
shorter will be penalized.
2. Your delivery should be appropriate to the tone of the speech. Remember to use vocal variety
to make your speech interesting.
3. Make and maintain eye contact. If you are not looking at your audience you may be perceived
as being deceptive. Look and speak with the audience.
4. You must name your sources orally, having them incorporated into the speech. One is
required for a score of ‘good’. If you want a score of excellent, you will need to mention at
least two more.
5. An appropriate PowerPoint presentation is also required.
6. You must upload/submit the following documents:
a. An outline (format on Blackboard)
b. A transcript (speech written out in essay format, double spaced)
c. A reference page in APA format
d. Copy of the power point presentation
e. First page of the documents listed on the reference page (PDF format or HTML saved
page. NO LINKS)

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