BS3S86 – Business Research Project – Assessment: Individual Presentation

BS3S86 – Business Research Project – Assessment: Individual Presentation
Module Code:
Module Title: Business
Research Project
Module Lecturer:
Assessment Title and Tasks:
Individual Presentation
Assessment No. 1
No. of pages submitted in total including this page:
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Word Count of submission
(if applicable): Completed by student
Date Set: Submission Date: Return Date:
Assessment 1: Presentation
Student Activities:
1) Choose a local Small Medium Enterprise (SME) (eg. restaurant, hair salon, takeaway
shop, IT/design company, etc) which you are familiar with, for example, you have been
a customer or you worked there before. Contact details of the SME will be required by
your module tutor.
2) Identify a business-related issue or problem in your chosen SME which you are
interested to improve or find a solution to resolve it. Also, the business-related issue or
problem should be relevant to your named award such as marketing, HRM, international
business, accounting, finance, supply chain or business studies.
Example 1 (International Business Topic): Your chosen restaurant has been
successful in the local market but not very strong in understanding the culture of
international students. You want to help the restaurant to improve its
understanding of international culture. So you design a research and collect
primary data from the customers (eg. international students) to find out what do
they like about the restaurant and how can the restaurant improve their customer
Example 2 (Marketing Topic): You want to improve communication between
customers and your chosen hair salon, for example, through social media. So
you design a research and collect primary data from staff and customers of the
hair salon to find out how effective is their existing communication, the potential
impact of social media, and what can be improved.
3) Present the business related research project of your chosen SME via a Powerpoint
presentation with notes pages which should contain relevant details as detailed within
the lecture entitled ‘Effective Presentation’. The presentation should contain a maximum
of 16 slides. You will not be required to conduct a live presentation; rather, your
presentation with notes pages should enable your marker to know exactly what you
would have presented.
BS3S86 – Business Research Project – Assessment: Individual Presentation
Marking Criteria:
Summative Assessment 1 (50%): Presentation Assessment (maximum
16 powerpoint presentation slides with notes pages)
Research Title:
Presentation style
Quality of supporting materials
Quality of slides 10
Appropriate scope and depth of 5
research topic
Use of appropriate literature 10
Methodology and method. 10
Findings 15
Analysis, interpretation and 20
Conclusions linked to research 10
recommendations 10
BS3S86 – Business Research Project – Assessment: Individual Presentation
Assessors Comments and Overall Grade

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