PERSUASIVE PAPER Business communication

Business communication involves persuading diverse internal and external stakeholders about the validity, importance, correctness and/or appropriateness of approaches, processes and recommendations.  Students will prepare a paper including recommendations based on information found in the course materials and through research.

You work as R&D Group Manager at a US-based business applications company.  It produces products that are sought after by small to medium sized businesses in the USA because the software allows them to compete on level footing with major multinational corporations.

Company CEO Mary Murphy has just returned from a relaxing and much needed vacation to Asia where she visited Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China.  She noticed a lot of growth and change happening there and wonders whether the company has done too little to enter and build market share there.  So she’s asked you to look into it and present your findings and recommendations to her decision-making team.


Should your company enter Asia or not? If so, how will it need to address intercultural communications in its staff, partnerships, suppliers, products, services and customers?Write a 5-7 page persuasive paper using APA guidelines for submittal to your company’s CEO and her team of executives who are in charge of Research + Development (“R+D”), Production, Marketing + Sales, and Logistics. Research and write-up your findings about the ways in which your company should approach Asia from an intercultural perspective.  In particular, since the company is US-based – what may it need to do to address the different cultures in the areas of:
Marketing + Sales

You may either consider it as (1) an Asia Regional opportunity; or (2) perhaps better to pick one or more of the countries the CEO visited to help give some specific examples of how intercultural communications and intercultural business thinking may play a role in the Company’s plans to move forward and succeed there.
When discussing your Company – please explain what customers you are targeting and the types of solutions you intend to offer.  How must these targets and solutions be adapted using intercultural communication techniques internally with your employees and externally with your clients?

CEO Mary Murphy and her top level management team are really looking forward to hearing your ideas about this.  Remember to demonstrate that you’ve done your research, analyzed it and come to some recommendations that are well-grounded in your analysis.

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