Part I: Managing at Camp Bow Wow How do Sue Ryan (owner)

Part I: Managing at Camp Bow Wow
How do Sue Ryan (owner) Candace Stathis apply any (or all) of the four critical managerial skills—technical, interpersonal, conceptual, and diagnostic—in their roles at the company?
Which of these skills do you think is most important skill for a manager at Camp Bow Wow? Why?

Part II: What Organizations Can Do to Maximize Effectiveness
What type of activities, such as organizational policies, programs, benefits would make a positive impact on employees so that the organization could enjoy a high level of employee commitment or engagement?

PartIII: Original Comment: Consider the following questions in relation to your current job or future career. Make an original comment that answers the questions.
How will learning about OB help you on the job now and/or as you develop your career?
From an employee’s perspective, why do you think it’s important to know how organizations work?
Remember to link your remarks back to overview content on the home page and contents of Chapter 1.

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