Management Orientation Proposal

This assignment represents an implementation action plan. Include an analysis of your action plan to present the proposal and the process for implementation at the a community hospital. In no less than 5-7 pages.
Address the following points:
•    Develop a well-organized introduction paragraph discussing the importance of developing proposals/plans.  Ends the paragraph with a clearly worded purpose statement.
•    Provides a detailed summary of the proposed plan for implementation
•    Identifies 3 outcomes for the proposed plan
•    Describes in detail the benefits of the plan to the institution
•    Discusses in detail the resources needed to implement your plan and the potential budget requirements
•    Proposes a detailed timeline for implementing the plan, with rationale and discusses who will be involved in the implementation phases
•    Identify 4 measures of success used to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan
•    Ends paper with a separate paragraph (with Conclusion as heading) and summarizes key points in paper.

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