Questions What role did nonviolent activists hope the media would play in the freedom movement?

What role did nonviolent activists hope the media would play in the freedom movement? To what extent do you think they were successful in using the media spotlight during the Freedom Rides? How did nonviolent protesters believe people would respond to images of the Freedom Rides?
How did the Freedom Riders try to shape the story that the press would tell about their efforts? In the film, how did the Freedom Riders explain their story to the press? What Persuasive techniques did the movement use?
How do you think images from the Freedom Rides shaped the way people thought about race and justice? What terms in Chapters 1, 2, or 3 could help explain this concept?

How have images from the media impacted the way you think about an issue? Some believe that in the 50 years since the civil rights struggle, the impact of news media on the public has changed. How do you get your news today? How do your parents and their friends get the news? What times of persuasion are taking place?
While information is more readily available since start of the Internet and digital technology age, there are so many media outlets today that people often do not see or read the same news coverage of a given event. How do you think that impacts the way the country as a whole think about an event?
How do you explain the impact of the images from Anniston and Birmingham on the American public? Why do you think the Kennedy administration was concerned about the use of those same images abroad?
Many opponents of desegregation tried to portray civil rights activists as communist agents. How do you explain why most people didn’t believe those charges?

Freedom Riders Assignment
Due Date:
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Objective: “Freedom Riders” Application Essay (200 points): This assignment asks you to watch the PBS documentary “Freedom Riders” ( Then, you will write an essay that connects concepts learned in the course to content viewed in the “Freedom Riders” documentary. You do not need to answer all the questions, but you should consider at least four of them while writing the essay.

Task: Students will write a 3-5-page paper, which includes the following:
Write an introductory paragraph, which briefly summarizes the documentary Freedom Riders, so the reader has a general idea about the story, and its significance. End with a thesis statement using three concepts you will discuss in the body of your essay.
For each concept chosen, consider how persuasion was used within each example.
Describe how the concepts are applied to the Social Movement; be specific as you describe the event(s), and outline where this concept is demonstrated. Use appropriate terms from Chapters 1, 2, and 3.
Take a position and use evidence and vocabulary to illustrate that position.
Analyze the consequences of the concept’s effective or ineffective application. Consider short-term and long-term outcomes regarding social movements.
In the conclusion, summarize your insights regarding persuasion and the Freedom rider social movement. What are the major lesson to be learned?

Your paper will be graded on how clearly you present and develop your thesis and how fully you demonstrate your arguments and ideas. In addition, you work will be graded on the quality of your writing, including organization, grammar, syntax, style and spelling. Please follow APA format.

You will need to be prepared for a brief presentation of your final paper at the end of the semester.


Is the topic interesting? Does it relate to intercultural communication? Have you stated the purpose, thesis, or argument to be considered? Is the argument visible? Is it compelling? Have you given the reader a preview of the topic? Have you sufficient attention-grabbing sentences? Is your introduction too long given the length of the paper? Are you excited about your topic?

Is there a clear and relevant presentation of evidence? Is there a relationship between course concepts and your topic? Have you reasoned logically from the evidence? Does your argument make sense? Is your argument clear and easy to follow? Can the topic be covered within the space of a ten-page paper? Is the material too specific? Is there specific evidence that you understand the concepts covered in class? Is unimportant background material included? Do all the materials flow directly from what you promised in the introduction? Is there evidence that you have read Chapters 1,2, and 3 thoroughly? Is there evidence that you are analyzing and interpreting materials instead of merely describing events? Is there a cogent interpretation of data?
Have you summarized your findings? Does the conclusion relate to the issues raised in the introduction of the body? Is your conclusion too long given the length of the paper? Have you offered implications for further research or study? What is the yield? Have you answered the “so what” question? Are you proud of the paper? Would you submit it to a prospective employer?


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