Transnational Crime Group: La Cosa Nostra

The paper must provide a summary of the history of that enterprise, what criminal groups have traditionally engaged in it, any changes in the magnitude and manner in which the enterprise is conducted in recent years or decades, target customers and victims, success or failures of law enforcement, and your perspective on what steps are necessary to combat this crime operation globally and within the United States. Specifically, the paper should meet the following criteria requirements:

1. Identify and define the criminal enterprise.
2. Identify the originating country or countries of this criminal operation.
3. Describe the historical origins of this crime.
4.Identify the different transnational crime groups that historically engaged in this enterprise, as well as those that are prolific in it today.
5. Provide a short literature review of what you have learned about this enterprise.
6. Provide one or more criminological theories that best describe and explain the nature of this enterprise, and reasons for its existence (for instance desire for illicit drugs or sex by members of the public).
7. Provide a short summary of the global trends and impacts of this crime from a global threat perspective, including where relevant: Society Politics Economy Security
8. Formulate approaches and collaboration techniques to ameliorate the enterprise and activities associated with it.
including the region of origin, history and expansion of the selected transnational crime group, how it came to engage in the criminal enterprise you have chosen, and how the two have expanded together in recent years, if at all.

As well, an abstract is required for this paper, in addition to an introduction.  Abstracts and introductions are not the same things, so if you are unfamiliar with the different types of abstracts and how to write them, additional research into that should be done.

Create a summary of your paper and findings into a PowerPoint presentation.

This does not include title page, table of contents and source references (all of which are re The paper must be APA compliant, including source references. All pages must have page numbers, as well as an introduction and conclusion, titled as such, and main body and sub-sections with appropriate titles. Title page must be APA compliant, and include student’s name, program and course, instructor name, university and date. Your papers will be going through Turnitin, a plagiarism detection tool when you submit to the course assignment folder. It is highly recommended that you turn your paper in earlier than the deadline so you may respond to necessary adjustments if your originality rating is not 24% or lower. No similarity rating above 24% will be accepted.

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