• Don’t forget to use APA format for all submissions when citing! Purpose:

• Don’t forget to use APA format for all submissions when citing!
Purpose: To discuss societal problems, their causes and solutions; start to consider research questions about such problems; begin to think about research design related to research questions.
To answer these questions, please first read O’Sullivan Chapter 1, and Angrist Chapter 1.
Questions (make sure to answer all of them):
1. Choose a societal or organizational problem that concerns you, and discuss it in terms of the following (Reading O’Sullivan Chapter 1 will help for these sub-questions):
a. What is the cause of the societal or organizational problem? (Where possible, your answer should be supported by research.)
b. How might we be able to solve this problem? (Hypotheses/educated guesses are OK, but where possible, support with research.)
c. What (research) questions do you have about this problem, and the potential solutions? In other words, what do you and experts in the field NOT know about the problem and how to solve it? (To answer on behalf of experts can be challenging!)
2. In Chapter 1 of Mostly Harmless Econometrics, authors Angrist and Pischke identify the 4 key questions that any research design (“research design” is effectively another way of saying “approach to answering research question”) should consider. List those 4 questions, and attempt to answer them with respect to the problem (i.e. research questions) you have outlined above. (Please note that “Econometrics” is just what economists call statistics/regression analysis. And don’t worry if you don’t understand all of the economics jargon – either look up the word, or move on!).

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